IMPORTANT: Due to the personalized nature of this program, we accept a limited number of new clients each month
🛑 IMPORTANT: Due to the personalized 
nature of this program, we accept a very limited number of new clients each month

FROM SCRATCH...and get their first $1,000 in paid clients (guaranteed, or we'll pay $1,000)

OR WE'LL PAY $1,000)

If you don't land $1,000 in paid coaching clients, we'll pay you that much ourselves! It's time to use your gifts, your potential, and start NOW helping others in a BIG way...
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Why "messengers" are often Terrified to help others 
(but secretly great at it)


Kirk Duncan, Updated: {{MMM}} {{D}}, {{YYYY}}
You and I don’t know each other. But I’d like to share something with you that has changed my life. My hope is it will change yours, too.

I’m Kirk Duncan, the founder of 3 Key Elements. 

In my 19 years in business, we've been on the Inc 5000's List of the Fastest Growing Companies 4 times.
Appeared on Television 80+ times...
...and was even sought out to analyze the body language of presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney during their debates on ABC.
We've also worked with coaching industry titan and best-selling author, Brendon Burchard...

Coached best-selling authors such as Leslie Householder and Stacy Raske...

And advised CEO's like Clate Mask of Infusionsoft...

but, the truth is...

This isn't about me.

And it may sound harsh, but...

It isn't about you, either.

As "messengers", we are born hard-wired to care deeply. 

To put others first. 

To understand. 

To heal. 

So, even though your selfless attitude is both courageous and compassionate....

It doesn't always serve you.

your superpower 
is your kryptonite?

Yes. Because despite feeling the call to teach and help others by starting your coaching business...

Being a TRUE messenger means that you're naturally going to struggle with...

❌ Impostor syndrome...

❌ Lack of organization...

❌ Feeling weird about asking for money...

❌ the fear of "putting yourself out there"...

not protecting your energy and burning out...

Which is the reason why you haven't been able to start your coaching business, and begin signing up paying clients (let alone "high-ticket" clients).

Even though it's not your fault, it is your responsibility to take action and answer the call to help others.

And, in case you haven't noticed...

the world is in turmoil, 
and millions of people are suffering in silence...

Families Are Being Torn Apart...

Business Owners Are Losing Everything...

Men Are Failing To Take The Lead...

Women Are Maxed Out And Being Pushed To The Brink...

Stressed Out Parents Are Screaming At Their Kids...

Unfortunately, there aren’t many people saying, “Hey, I can help you through this” — which means millions of people are left to figure it out on their own.

But people are desperate for answers — and if you’ve landed on this page, there’s a good chance you have something unique to share.

Whether you believe it or not, your voice, your words, and your experiences will inspire these same people to make positive changes in their lives.

Right now, more than ever before, we need voices like yours...people who can help coach, mentor, and inspire others to lead. 

The best part is that you don’t have to be perfect to make an impact, just willing to TRY...

like tamI did...

Who trusted herself, enough to get started...and just brought in 11 new clients in a single week!

or stacy...

Who after working with us — started and scaled her business, became a bestselling author sharing her story, and creates a powerful impact on the lives and businesses of her clients.

and countless others...(just like you)

My main focus is you having paid clients. 

You’re going to love having the skill of being an effective coach, but becoming self-reliant and providing for yourself.

Whether your goal is becoming the breadwinner for your household...

To get out of debt...

Become the one others can count on...

Or simply become a force for good in this crazy world...

This is how you can 
fast-track your success...

 Follow our 5 Phase Plan to Go From ZERO to Paying Clients
 Learn How to Easily Extract a Coaching Curriculum From Your Past Experience
 Let us help build your coaching program
 Scripts and templates so you can find and sign up new clients with ease
 Attend as many as 3 Weekly Coaching Calls
 Weekly check-in calls with Expert Coaches
 FULL ACCESS to dozens of high-level trainings inside our Online Academy
 ...and MUCH, much more...
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So...what if you had a system TO BUILD A HIGH-TICKET COACHING PROGRAM YOU COULD USE TO HIT $10k months?

And what if my team was in your court to build it with you and 
keep you focused on creating transformational experiences for your clients?

What if you had a reliable mentor who...

  • Works with you to refine and organize your ideas into a legitimate coaching curriculum (So you can finally have a valuable coaching program you feel good about offering)
  • Holds you accountable to doing what needs to be done (Providing you with the security and reassurance that you won't self-sabotage your way to failure...again)
  • Shows you how to attract and sign on clients without feeling slimey or salesy (Giving you the tools necessary to realize not only your dreams of helping others — but gain financially in the process)
  • Supports you in fine-tuning your practice to build REAL coaching skills, not just rah-rah hype (Creating strong foundations and techniques to produce serious transformations for your clients)
  • Stays on top of coaching trends so you don't have to... (No sleepless nights trying to figure out the latest strategies)
How would it FEEL to wake up 30 days from today, look out your bedroom window and SMILE knowing you're more than on your way to exceed the goals you've set for yourself?

How good would it feel to watch your clients think, feel, and do better, because of what you taught them?

What difference would it make in your relationship with your spouse or your kids to be able to make an extra $1k, $5k, or even $10k per month for vacations, activities, and making memories together?

This is exactly what we do for our clients.

And for a limited time, we're licensing YOU to teach MY content as your own!

To apply, click here and fill out your name and email.

Then fill out the survey on the next page.


If you don’t get your first $1,000 in paid clients by the time you finish the program, we'll pay you $1,000 

YOUR ROI IS GUARANTEED. All we ask is that you work your tail off following the Fast Track Action Plan.

Now click the button below and opt-in to get the process started now. This could be the most life-changing 3 minutes you invest all year, so take the survey seriously
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Now it's time to decide...

option #1 - choose victimhood

Focus on everything that is going WRONG in your life. 

Blame the chaotic world around you for slowing down sales. 

Mindlessly scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube and feed your fears. Hope things magically get better….

option #2 - choose control

Make a plan to be part of the GREAT MOVEMENT that is happening in the world right now. 

Help people solve their problems. 

Stop underrating your own creativity. 

Get more actively involved with what your true potential is. Get excited about your passion again.

I want to help you choose Option #2.

So stop delaying and click the button below to get the process started now...
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Isn't it time YOU get to experience what it's like to...

  • Have TOO many clients
  • Be self-sufficient 
  • Take a stress-free vacation without worrying about finances
  • Confidently KNOW you're making a massive impact on your clients and those around you

If that sounds good to you, and you like that we're putting our money where our mouths are by guaranteeing your first $1,000 in Paid coaching clients...then click the button below and let's get started.

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...And if that isn't enough for you... Read below to see more PROOF that our clients are not only making a huge impact —
but also making life-changing increases to their income! 

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if you don't land your first $1,000 in coaching clients with us, 
we'll pay you $1,000

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Rated 4.9 Stars Out of 2213 Reviews
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