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  • Everyone's Ready: ALL decision makers must be present on the Epiphany Call.
  • Serious Inquiries Only: If you're not serious about joining the Mastermind, please DO NOT take the spot from someone else who is.
  • Stay Focused: This call is NOT for client service questions or for inquiring about programs other than the Mastermind. For those questions, email
Step 1: Choose A Day And Time
Note: If the calendar does not load below in a few seconds, or if there are no appointments available, try refreshing the page or send an email to
Step 2: Check Your Email

You should receive an email confirmation of your scheduled epiphany call. 
Review the email to ensure all the details are correct.

Step 3: Stick To The Plan

There are no reschedules. If you just booked a call and are probably going to flake out, reach out to us immediately so we can fill the spot with someone else who's ready. These spots always fill up quickly so out of respect to those who are ready and willing to transform their business, we won't allow calls to happen with those who aren't serious.

Step 4 - Get Ready

Plan to be ready 10-15 minutes BEFORE your scheduled epiphany call. Go to a quite place where you will not be interrupted. Calm your mind and get in the zone so you're ready to talk about your goals for your coaching business. And remember, ALL decision makers must be present on the call (spouse, business partner, etc).

In The Meantime...

"I am at the feet of a guru!"

"I’ve been in Masterminds before… not nearly as productive or as useful as what I find in Kirk. When Kirk talks, I listen.
He has a way of discovering the gems inside of us." 

- Tom Grant
Mentor, Director of Education at True Blue U

"I am so much different now than when I started this!"

"The return on my investment has been SO much more than my investment. I went from 3 clients to now 66 clients." 

- Heather Reinhardt
Owner at Yggy Life
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