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TO PRESENT to, COACH, and MENTOR OTHERS so you can build a REAL Coaching BUSINESS & 
We Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One At Our Live Event Called The Art of Mentoring On June 18th-20th To Help You Inspire Your Audience to Take Action.
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When? June 18th-20th 
Where? Via Live Online Webinars
The Art of Mentoring is a training on how to mentor others to achieve their desired outcome. When a person lacks 2 critical components they will experience a great reduction in progress. With training on the power of a Mentor and Mindset, a person will advance and achieve more.

This education is specifically for people who are ready to move forward in life and they sense there is something holding them back. They are ready to uncover the problem and adjust their own lives to take action steps to move forward. This class is taught in the context that the student wants to know this education so that they can help others who are in a similar place. A mentor is a person who assists another to save time and energy in their progress by showing them exactly what to focus on that creates progress.  

The language of the class will be that they are learning how to assist another person, the Mentee, while they are being the Mentor and learning this education. Students learn actual techniques that have steps and instructions to improve performance. Content can be applied to themselves or another person at any age and any level of education.
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Meet Kim & Kirk!
Co-founders, 3 Key Elements
  • Hosted Over 6000+ Presentations On Personal Development
  • Husband & Wife, Happily Married for Over 25+ Years
  • Scaled 3 Key Elements to A Multi-Million Dollar Business
  • Purposed to Help Human Beings Achieve Their True Potential
  • Positively Impacted The Lives of Over 100,000+ people
We've Experienced Tremendous Personal Development Ourselves!
This is a picture of us before we started ALL of this. We were in a dark place physically and mentally. It was so bad that Kirk almost committed suicide, and we were both tremendously depressed. So much could have gone wrong at this point in our lives. We are so grateful that we decided to make a change for the better - it gets us emotional EVERY time we see this photo because it puts us back in the exact timeframe as this state. We had no idea what was coming later on in life. Sometimes you need hardship to lead a successful life. However, as weird as it sounds, we are extremely grateful for this moment. 
This is a picture of us after implementing many of the changes and teachings we preach at all of our events. TRUE life changing material. We said enough was enough. Our income, our physical state, our mental state were all in bad places, until we decided to make changes. We started attending personal development seminars and got hooked. It created a sense of positivity and a light at the end of the tunnel for us. We grew so much on a personal level that we even started helping others. Now we help thousands of people do the same EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This is what the Art of Mentoring can do for you too! Don't just take our word for it. Experience it yourself!
This is your defining moment.
Are You Going to Become A Successful Mentor Or Not? The decision is now.
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